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Welcome to Kaashi Silks

From Kashi to Kanchipuram

Perhaps no other garment is as interwoven with Indian history as much as the classic sari. What started out as a humble drape way back in 5th Century BC, has now evolved into a symbol of national pride. A synonym for sophistication. A testimonial to high levels of craftsmanship. A fashion statement. A true Indian icon in every sense of the word. 

For us at Kaashi, the silk sari is more than just a garment; and the Banarasi and Kanjivaram silks, more than just materials. We look at them as canvases to tell stories, spaces that bind the classic with the contemporary. Platforms to showcase the rich heritage behind the places they come from. A convergence point of design, skill and history, all brought to life with a touch of homegrown artistry. 

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