From Kashi to Kanchipuram

Perhaps no other garment is as interwoven with Indian history as much as the classic sari. What started out as a humble drape way back in 5th Century BC, has now evolved into a symbol of national pride. A synonym for sophistication. A testimonial to high levels of craftsmanship. A fashion statement. A true Indian icon in every sense of the word. 

For us at Kaashi, the silk sari is more than just a garment; and the Banarasi and Kanjivaram silks, more than just materials. We look at them as canvases to tell stories, spaces that bind the classic with the contemporary. Platforms to showcase the rich heritage behind the places they come from. A convergence point of design, skill and history, all brought to life with a touch of homegrown artistry. 

 In our quest to bring you the finest silk saris in existence, we’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country to source silk of the highest quality. This journey has taken us from the banks of the Ganga in Kashi to the temple gates of Kanchipuram. We’ve met with artisan craftspeople of the highest caliber, men and women with an insatiable appetite for producing designs that speak the language of elegance. 

We look at each yard as an opportunity to tell a story, through patterns inspired by sculptures born from different eras, and motifs styled from flora and fauna of days past. We weave our tales with a blend of art, creativity, precision and an eye for detail, bringing you masterpieces you’ll be proud to wear.

It’s a journey of perpetual discovery. And we’re thrilled to have you on board. 

Our Team

We are a group of silk enthusiasts with a deep rooted love for history and the countless stories buried by the sands of time. Sure, we’re running a business, but we like to think of ourselves as romantics first and entrepreneurs next. 

Our passion is to unearth iconic designs from the past and reintroduce them to the modern world in the form of exquisite, handcrafted patterns. We’re also looking to do our bit to shine some light on the real storytellers – our craftsmen, the true authors of the silken epics you’ll come across on this site. 

Their skill and the dedication to their craft advances traditional Indian fashion in truly inspiring ways. The goal was, is, and always will be, to open doors for these gifted men and women to showcase what they were called to do.  

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