There’s no denying that the ethical fashion world is mainly geared towards women, but as society moves towards equality (slowly but surely), we are seeing more and more compassionate men who aren’t afraid to say, “ Hey, we care too.” Bust those masculinity stereotypes, boys, with this ethical activewear for men!

While we have rounded up activewear brands that deserve your support before, we wanted to put together a list of masc options for all the eco-dudes out there who want to sweat it out in style, knowing that their trackies and trainers aren’t supporting the exploitation of people, the planet, or our animals friends.



Ethletic make fair trade casual shoes and sneakers from organic cotton and natural rubber. Their new line of Root II sneakers come with a reinforced toe section, a padded tongue and a padded collar for extra comfort. The all-round sole strip features extra-stable stitching and the removable antibacterial insole is made with coconut fibres for added absorption, making this the perfect sneaker for everything from skating to parkour.

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